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Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai – Thomas Haberland was in Dubai in 2016 and he has the vision to work as Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. who will photograph my hotel in Dubai? Who is a luxury hotel photographer in the UAE? Thomas Haberland is your man. There are many reasons why Mr. Haberland is the perfect choice to photograph your luxury hotel and your premises. As Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai, he offers you:

  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Profession
  • Eye
  • Retouching
  • High Quality for your Money

Hotel Photographer Dubai – Professional Photos for You!

Dubai, situated on the persian gulf, is one of the most modern and futuristic cities in the world. It attracts hundreds of tourists from all around the world to spend their holidays in Dubai and enjoy numerous things: the sun, the beach, expensive cars, excellent foood, modern and creative architecture and artificial island complexes. The climate is hot and sunny, offering best conditions for outdoor-Photoshootings. The economy in Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and big companies are settling in UAE. As a hub of cultural and economic life in the Gulf area, Dubai is the number one destination for travelers and tradesmen. This can also be seen in the ambitious architecture of Dubai. Skyscrapers and Hotels are shaped in creative forms and extraordinary designs. Just look at the Burj Khalifa or the Palm Jumeirah.
Burj Khalifa
Palm Jumeirah

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Hotel Photographer Dubai – The Portfolio

Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai can best be realised by Thomas Haberland. He is your choice for extraordinary Photos of your premise in Dubai. Hot climate and sunny days will not be a problem for him, as can be seen from his references. He has been working in North and South Africa as well as in several asian countries. Please check out these photos of his work.

Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai - reference in North Africa
Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai - reference in Asia
Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai - reference in South Africa

Luxury Hotel Photographer Dubai – Marketing

Marketing is key to advertising your hotel in Dubai. Competition is tough and hotels can be found in big quantities. Therefore, we recommend professional photographs of your hotel in the UAE-region. Luxury Hotel Photographer Thomas Haberland will take perfect shots of your estate and help you in advertising. His photographs have the power to convince potential customers of the beauty and high quality of your hotel. Interested? Then let our luminous hotel-photography convince you!

See our references
An example of our references
Yet another example of our references

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